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These terms of sale are subject to modification at any time and therefore both the buyer and seller are requested to carefully read these terms of sale before listing any product or before buying the product. The revised terms of sale on the website will be made available. If such facility is provided, you can determine that these terms of sale were modified in the final form in relation to the "Last Update" legend given above.

You are requested to visit the website regularly to see the most current terms of sales. You will have the responsibility to check the terms of sale from time to time for changes, and the buyer should also check additional terms.

Seller's sale on product listing Before you can use further website and related services, you may be asked to provide your specific consent for any updates in a specific update, if there is no demand for a separate consensus, And after the modifications, the use of the website continuously or these terms of sale will constitute your acceptance of such changes or modifications.

1. Offer and Acceptance of the Product

The seller then sells the seller-listed products on the seller and website when the seller agrees to buy the product listed by it, so the seller accepts such an offer for sale. The buyer understands and agrees that the proposal for the sale of the product by the seller is not a complete or an extraordinary offer, for sale by the seller, such offer to the buyer before the delivery of the product and without any obligation, Is subject to and to provide any reason for such rejection or without any consent from the buyer and without any obligation Or any obligation to buyer The seller and the buyer understand and agree the sale transaction, listing or acceptance for any reason for any reason under the Vendor Agreement, Sale Terms, Website Terms, Privacy Policy or any other reason.

2. Product(s)

The sale of Product by Seller to the Buyer, the Seller hereby represents and warrants to the Buyer that:

Seller has the right to sell the Products to the Buyer on or through the Website;

Buyer shall have and enjoy quiet possession of the Products;

Products shall be free from any charge or encumbrance in favor of third party;

Buyer shall be entitled to all the warranties and other collaterals applicable to the Product or as generally made available by the manufacturer or seller of the Product;

Product shall meet the description and specifications as provided on the Website.


Kandeals gives the fastest delivery with the best pricing to our customer. There may be errors in selling prices due to technical reasons which can be accepted by the seller at any time and by the buyer of the product at any time, by acceptance of the sale proposal, subject to the discretion of the vendor according to such faulty selling price There will be a valid acceptance and such transaction can be avoided by the seller. All prices include VAT, unless otherwise stated.

Product delivery

4.1 There are different delivery models for the distribution of the product purchased to the buyer, as determined by the vendor. The risk of any damage, loss or degradation of the product during course or delivery or during transit will be on the seller and not on the buyer. The seller represents and warrants that the product being distributed is not faulty and in fact there are products which are listed and advertised by the vendor on the website and purchased by the buyer and the details and specifications provided on the website.

4.2 The buyer's shipping address, the buyer of the code, to pay for buyer's purchase, before proceeding. Will be verified from the database of the website. In this event the order of the buyer is not located in the logistics service providers or the seller address or in any area which is covered under the order confirmation form, the buyer can provide an alternate shipping address on which the product will be distributed.

4.3 Please note that there is no guaranteed transmission time and any information about the sending time RI should only estimates and not be dependent on it. Therefore, there is no time for the essence of a two-part contract between the buyer and the seller for the purchase and sale of the product on or through the website. However, the product will not be given to the buyer, unless the buyer does not pay the product

4.4 The buyer will be bound to take delivery of the products purchased by the buyer, which is said in the receivable condition. On accepting or rejecting the buyer for accepting the delivery of the products produced by the buyer by the buyer, the buyer may be liable for the seller for such non-acceptance and for any loss of any charges or charges and its third parties have to be acquired from the seller if such delivery or transaction is completed and its third party is not indirect or indirect.

4.5 In the product and other rights, the headline and interest in the product will be sent directly from the seller to the buyer on the delivery of such product. After delivery, the buyer has been accepted to accept the product. The risk of loss will be passed to the buyer on the delivery of the product.

Return & Cancelation

1 We offer you instant gratification with your every purchase! We hate to see you cancel/return your order, but promise to lend you a hand, till the very end.

2 On return/cancellation of an order, the refund amount, including the GST collected would be refunded, in its entirety. In case of partial returns, the GST amount charged corresponding to that particular item(s) shall be refunded.